82 uPVC Casement Window Profiles

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Product Detail

uPVC Profiles Product Specifications

GKBM 82 uPVC Casement Window Profiles’ Features

82 uPVC Casement Window Profiles Drawing

1.Wall thickness is 2.8/2.6mm, and wall thickness of the non-visible side is 2.5/2.2mm. Seven chambers structure makes the insulation and energy-saving performance reaching national standard level 10.
2.Can be installed with 45mm and 51mm glass, meeting the requirements of high insulation windows for glass; The minimum heat transfer coefficient can reach 1.0W/㎡k when three layers of glass is used together.
3.The casement sash is a luxury sash with a goose head. After the melting of rain and snow in cold area, ordinary sash gasket will freeze due to lower temperatures, causing windows unable to be opened or gaskets to be pulled out when opened. To solve this problem, GKBM designs luxury sash with a goose head. Rainwater can directly flow out along the window frame, which can completely solve this problem.
4.The frame, sash, and mullion strips are universal.
5.13 series casement hardware configuration is convenient for selection and assembly.

uPVC Profiles Color Options

Co-extrusion colors

7024 gray
Agate grey
Brown chestnut color
Coffee 14
Coffee 24
Grey 09
Grey 16
Grey 26
Light Crystal Grey
Purple coffee

Full Body colors

General Grey 07
Whole body brown 2
Whole body brown
Whole body coffee
Whole body gray 12
Whole body gray

Laminated colors

African walnut
LG Gold Oak
LG Mengglika
LG Walnut
Licai Coffee
White walnut wood

Why Choose GKBM

Through the establishment of a sales company, GKBM follows the established direction of "regionalization-nationalization-internationalization", based in Shaanxi, covering the whole country, and going global. In the face of new trends in real estate, all the industries of GKBM are focusing on gradually adjusting the original small and medium-sized customer groups into large real estate companies and large customers, realizing the transformation and innovation of the customer structure. Since its establishment, GKBM has established strategic cooperative relationships with more than 50 of the top 100 real estate companies and more than 60 multinational companies. GKBM’s products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions, working together to create a better living life for mankind.

GKBM Delivery
GKBM Exhibition Hall
Name 82 uPVC Casement Window Profiles
Raw Materials PVC,Titanium dioxide,CPE,Stabilizer, Lubricant
Formula Eco-friendly and lead-free
Brand GKBM
Origin  China
Profiles 82 casement window frame, 82 casement mullion , 82 inward opening window sash, 82 outward opening window sash,
Auxiliary profile 82 triple glazing bead, 80 bar coupling, 80 rectangle coupling , 80/80 square post , Cover
Application Casement windows
Size 82mm
Wall Thickness 2.8mm
Chamber 7
Length 5.8m,5.85m,5.9m,6m…
UV resistance High UV
Certificate ISO9001
Output 500000 tons/year
Extrusion line 200+
Package Recycle plastic bag
Customized ODM/OEM
Samples Free samples
Payment T/T, L/C…
Delivery period 5-10 days/container