62 uPVC Sliding Window Profiles

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Product Detail

uPVC Profiles Product Specifications

GKBM 62 uPVC Sliding Window Profiles’ Features

62 uPVC Sliding Window Profiles Drawing

1. The wall thickness of visual side is 2.2mm, high-specification double-layer glass with a maximum thickness of 24mm can be used to improve the thermal insulation effect and save energy.
2. Four chambers, the heat insulation performance is better.
3. Enhanced groove and screw fixed strip make it convenient to fix Steel Liner and enhance the connection strength.
4. Integrated welded center cutting makes the processing of window/door more convenient.
5. Customers can choose the appropriate thickness of the rubber strip according to the corresponding glass thickness, and conduct the glass test installation verification.
6. There are double track frame and triple track frame, to meet the different needs of different customers.

uPVC Profiles Color Options

Co-extrusion colors

7024 gray
Agate grey
Brown chestnut color
Coffee 14
Coffee 24
Grey 09
Grey 16
Grey 26
Light Crystal Grey
Purple coffee

Full Body colors

General Grey 07
Whole body brown 2
Whole body brown
Whole body coffee
Whole body gray 12
Whole body gray

Laminated colors

African walnut
LG Gold Oak
LG Mengglika
LG Walnut
Licai Coffee
White walnut wood

Why Choose GKBM

The GKBM industry spans uPVC profiles, aluminum profiles, system windows and doors, municipal pipelines, construction pipelines, gas pipelines, building electrical appliances and LED lighting, new decorative materials, new environmental protection and other fields. GKBM is China's industry-leading new building materials integrated service provider integrating R&D, production, sales and technical services.

uPVC Profiles Equipment
uPVC Profiles Stock
Name 90 uPVC Passive Window Profiles
Raw Materials PVC,Titanium dioxide,CPE,Stabilizer, Lubricant
Formula Eco-friendly and lead-free
Brand GKBM
Origin China
Profiles 90 Casement Frame, 90 T Mullion, 90 Inward Opening Sash,
90 Auxiliary Frame
Auxiliary profile 90 Triple Glazing Bead
Application Passive windows
Size 90mm
Wall Thickness 3.0mm
Chamber 7
Length 5.8m,5.85m,5.9m,6m…
UV resistance High UV
Certificate ISO9001
Output 500000 tons/year
Extrusion line 200+
Package Recycle plastic bag
Customized ODM/OEM
Samples Free samples
Payment T/T, L/C…
Delivery period 5-10 days/container